Closer to Happiness

Whoa it’s been awhile since I wrote last! Being that locally it’s the first day of school I thought it was fitting to check back in. As I mentioned in the past I was an elementary school teacher by trade. Each year I never was fully happy and constantly wondered if this was what I was supposed to spend my life doing.

This spring I took the jump and did not sign my contract that I was coming back the following year. The following school year is now here, and I am beyond grateful to my supportive husband and family for giving me the courage through this decision. I am 100% happier, less stressed, and positive. This is the best decision that I have ever made, and I wish I would have made it sooner. To be honest I could not have done it financially without having another opportunity to step into. I now work from home with my husband on a passion project of his that he turned into a business a few years ago. It’s so rewarding to see all of his hard work and ideas come to fruition.

It’s only been three months of not teaching, but both my husband and I have noticed a difference in me. I haven’t fully found my passion, but I’m getting there. I’m not perfect with being secure and confident. I’m probably about 85% of the way there, feeling like I treat myself more like an adult and that I think for myself without asking for permission. I can only imagine how annoying and unattractive this is for my husband. Thank goodness for his love and patience!

Today is also momentous because it is our four year wedding anniversary! We’ve been together for almost 12 years. Gosh that seems so long yet not long at all! I think it’s kind of funny that the first day of school that I’M NOT ATTENDING and my wedding anniversary are on the same day. I truly am so incredibly thankful for his encouragement to follow my heart, push to do what makes me happy, and hand to hold when it gets a little scary. Today is a great reminder that I married my best friend who will support me endlessly and be my number one.

Cheers to following your happiness and a lifetime of love!


Kenny & Jesse-194

Photo credit to Ruby Sky Photography

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