Happy Mother’s Day To All Of The Dog Moms!


Who says Mother’s Day is just for mothers of humans? Not me! This sweet little guy is Brody and he is the joy of my life. My husband and I rescued him from the SPCA on March 19th, 2016 just after our sweet little lady Holly, a 14 year old black lab mix,  crossed the rainbow bridge. She was my husband’s childhood dog who showed up at his doorstep as a puppy around Christmas (hence the name).

HollyAfter she died our hearts were broken. Our world was turned upside down. My husband worked from home at the time, so he catered to her every need and treated her like a queen. She loved to be your companion and would follow us around the house. Sometimes we would need to just hop into the next room to get something and would feel so bad because we knew she would muster up the energy to slowly stand up and follow us, to only have to turn around by the time she got to where we were. My husband’s office was upstairs. It got to the point that she couldn’t go up and down them without help, so my husband would carry her all of the way up so she could fulfill her keeping company duty.  It got to the point that she could no longer hold her bladder for more than about four hours, so my husband dutifully set his alarm for 2 a.m. to let her outside.

When she passed away, our house felt so empty and lonely. We no longer had a schedule and routine. Our world revolved around her and her needs. It took us just a few days to decide we were going to the SPCA that following weekend. We needed a distraction from the heartbreak, and getting another dog seemed like the only cure. We wanted to continue her legacy as a rescued dog by rescuing another, and boy are we glad we did!

Rescues seem to know their rescues. It’s like they realize you are giving them a second chance at life and are so unconditionally appreciative. This speaks true for Brody. He caught our eye because of the doofy way he was sitting, almost like a person. He seemed to exude happiness and that’s what spoke to our hearts.

So now we have fallen completely in love with this fellow, and I am sometimes surprised by my maternal feelings I have towards him. I’ve grown up with a dog always in my life, but this is my first experience being the parent and not the sibling. My husband and I treat him like he is our child, as we have no human children yet. For example:

  • We discuss the consistency of his poop like it’s no big deal and make comments like, “I think he needs more dry food in his mix because he had a little bit of the runs.”
  • We talk to him in full conversations, and even speak for him so he doesn’t have to.
  • The moment he gets a scratch, bump, or ant bite I’m cooing over him and making sure he’s okay.
  • I pick him up and hold him while we twirl and dance to music in the kitchen. He simultaneously licks my face and literally smiles (dogs do smile!).
  • My hubby and I refer to each other as mommy and daddy with Brody, and we refer to him as our son. Most of the time it seems insulting to even call him a dog!
  • I post pictures of him on social media all of the time like all proud mamas do, and he even has his own Instagram account! You can follow him @pitfitfun

The list could go on. Brody also does some child like things as well.

  • He plays good cop, bad cop between my husband and I. He knows that I am more lenient, making me obviously the good cop right? Ha Ha to my husbands dismay! We have taught him to sit by the edge of the bed to ask permission to get up, and then we lift him on to the bed if it’s okay. My hubby’s thinking is that if he comes in the house with muddy feet and then just jumps right up, then our bed will get muddy. A good thought in theory, but practicality speaking, this is a 40 lb. meatball. My lower back can’t handle that, so up he goes without asking as long as Dad’s not around.
  • He has to pull out every single toy from his toy box. He can’t play with one and then put it back before he gets out another. No, he must drag them all out, usually right after I’ve put them all away.
  • He also has doggy ADHD. He will then play with all of his toys within the span of 5 going back and forth after about a minute with each one.
  • He has all of his toys to play with and yet lays down in front of me, sighs, and then looks at me. I know he is saying, “I’m bored!!”

We recently celebrated Brody Day, which is the anniversary of his adoption, and boy did he get the treatment! For breakfast he was treated to a fillet of red snapper, an egg, and bacon. We then went to an amazing dog park that has a lake within it that the dogs can swim in, and then we went to lunch at restaurant that dogs are welcome at. It was a great day and I look forward to the next!


So all of this is to say that I feel an intensely strong motherly bond with my Brody, and we’ve jokingly said that maybe we should just have dogs instead of human babies. Here’s to all of the dog moms, well all animal moms, who give their pups (or whatever creature you mother) the good life. Happy Mother’s Day!

Love and Peace,

Jesse and Brody




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