Try Something New Challenge!


Ready to break out of your comfort zone? I have learned that I tend to play it safe, not try new things if it means doing it by myself, and living in a constant state of “I really want to ____,” and then doing nothing. I’m ready to figure out what I’m passionate about and ultimately what makes me happy.

This challenge to myself stemmed from my unhappiness in my career as a teacher, and the inability to know what I would like to do next. I simply can’t name what I’m passionate about. I feel like a white wall. I’ve lost touch with what makes me me.

I think some of this comes from my tendency to “chicken out” and not be as adventurous as I would like. Ever since I was a little girl I’ve missed out on really fun opportunities because of fear. I remember when I was 6 0r 7 years old my mom signed me up for gymnastics classes. I was very excited to start, and I couldn’t wait to get there.  That all came to a screeching halt when I saw an older girl from school walk into the same class. I didn’t even know this girl, but for some reason in my mind she was mean and scary and was probably thinking really mean things about me and…..Ahhhh! I freaked out in probably a way more embarrassing tantrum, and then we left and I never took gymnastics again.

It sounds silly to still hold some guilt and sadness over something that happened over 20 years ago, but I do. I’m over being easily intimidated by people I don’t even know, and caring about what they may or may not think. I mean how vain is it to automatically assume everyone is thinking about or critiquing me! Geesh!

Now that that’s out of the way and off of my chest, let me explain my weekly challenge!

Each week I will try one thing that I’ve been wanting to, but  haven’t because

  • I’ve been waiting for someone to do it with me (no more safety nets)
  • There’s no time (I’m making time and scheduling it)
  • It’s not interesting to me (How do I know? I’ve never done it)
  • What if someone doesn’t like it (Who cares!)


Week 1: Take an aerial fitness class 15941258_1901109576798441_3344806625125091159_n


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