And the Journey Begins!

As I sit on my back porch in South Carolina enjoying our 70 degree unseasonably warm weather, I feel a sense of peace, a calmness, and swell of excitement as I write this first post. If you read the About section, then you have an inkling that I’m embarking on a new happiness, a new joy, a sense of contentment, and most importantly a sense of purpose.

My search for something better started from my discontentment with coming home from work everyday feeling defeated, overworked, exhausted to the point that when I came home to my family I was whiny, complaining, emotional, and drained. I leave the house for work at 6:30 and get home between four and five o’clock. For the remaining five or six hours of my day, basically the only time I get to spend with my husband and dog during the week,  I was someone I wouldn’t want to be around. So I asked myself why would they want me around? I didn’t want the answer to be because I’m an obligation, and I make the dinner that fills their bellies. I wanted it to be because I am fun, energetic, loving, and kind. I knew I had to make change, because I was tired of feeling depressed, having panic attacks on my way to work, and then having nothing left when I got home.

Around October or November of 2016 I started listening to podcasts at the urging of my husband. At the urging of my husband I started listening to Startup Camp with Dale Partridge, which is a podcast that is part life coaching/entrepreneur coaching.  I valued my husbands advice, being that he is now a successful entrepreneur and having gone through a similar experience about two years prior. He had listened to Dale and learned quite a bit, and eventually led him to leave his daytime job and turn his side business into his full time gig.


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